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As director of Red Heifer Press, I protest Amazon’s banning of books by the late Joseph Nicolosi, the brilliant psychologist whose Reparative Therapy ™ has given new life and hope to thousands of men struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction.

The fake news / deep-state propaganda machine has claimed that the ban was instigated by one heroic gay man who wrote letters to Amazon. This is baloney. The ban was clearly orchestrated by the militant gay lobby in a coordinated effort to discredit and vilify all who oppose or question their radical program for the sexual re-engineering of America. In fact, right on cue, barely three weeks after Amazon announced the ban, Newsweek (the inveterate “Pravda”—along with Time Magazine—of Deep-State USA) followed suit with a blanket condemnation of “conversion” therapists, with special vitriol reserved for Dr. Nicolosi. Of course, Dr. Nicolosi’s Reparative Therapy ™ (as anyone can see who actually visits his website!) has nothing to do with “conversion therapy” or the alleged physical and mental tortures described in Newsweek’s hateful and libelous article.

                        In smearing Dr. Nicolosi and his legacy, these militant LGBTs openly follow the strategy devised by Lenin and the Bolsheviks to destroy their political opponents—destroy by any and all means: defamation, lies, disinformation, intimidation, interference, and legislative and judicial suppression. This was the strategy adopted by Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels. Yes: that is exactly how the Bolsheviks and the Nazis came to power, and that is the 8-point program laid out by the militant LGBT lobby in their 1989 “manifesto”, After the Ball.

                        The militant LGBT lobby has targeted Amazon because it believes that, since Amazon has come to be regarded as the world clearing house for books, banning a book from Amazon carries great propaganda weight. Indeed, the militant LGBT lobby knows very well (and couldn’t care less!) that those who desperately seek books that offer a path to clarity, healing and sexual wholeness will find those books one way or another, and that writers and publishers who feel called to help them will find alternative means to make such help available. However, because the militant gays have bet all their money on the proposition that homosexuality is inborn and cannot be changed, they regard actual change as an existential threat; hence, they must discredit all therapies that are credibly effective. Clearly, they have focused on Dr. Nicolosi because his approach makes such good sense and has been so measurably successful.

                        Please don’t misunderstand me: by distinguishing Reparative Therapy™ from intrinsically different “conversion therapies”, I am not condoning the denigration of such other methods. As bizarre as some of those “conversion” techniques can sound when described by a biased and ignorant media, they derive from Arthur Janov’s ground-breaking discovery that traumatic memories suppressed by the conscious mind are preserved in the muscles and tendons of the human body. Thus, hidden memories that block a patient from the full enjoyment of life—including his or her gender-based sexuality—can be released and processed therapeutically through directed physical action and touch. This was a great and beautiful discovery, and those who portray it as torture, abuse or quackery shame themselves and serve humanity ill.

                        All medicine, all psychotherapy—indeed, all science—is open to peer criticism, improvement and refinement. No branch of science has reached perfection. The progress achieved in the last three centuries has been phenomenal, but politically motivated curtailment of therapeutic knowledge and practice threatens to bring the Soviet Gulag into America, and humanity back into the Dark Ages. Amazon’s cowardly venture into censorship is a dangerous step in that direction.


                                                                                                Peter Gimpel



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